onyx choker with big white gold diamond moon

onyx choker with big white gold diamond moon


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onyx is a mineral valued for its medicinal properties. The stone was considered a reliable amulet and healer of ailments.

-charges a person with positive energy
-improves memory and concentration, chronic fatigue disappears
-harmonizes the work of the whole organism and improves immunity
-able to endow a person with determination, courage, self-confidence
-endows with universal wisdom in solving issues and helps to bring the matter to a successful conclusion
-helps to find love and mutual understanding
-attracts good luck

zodiac signs: taurus, capricorn, virgo, cancer, scorpio, pisces

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material: 14K gold 1.35g (±)  stone: 8 diamonds 0.04ct beads: onyx


To ensure your items serve as much as possible,please take care of them with love. For proper storing, wrap them around in a circular shape. 1. Please remember our materials don’t like salty water 2. Keep them away from chemicals, especially chlorine 3. Use mild soap in case your natural stones are stained by gold.


As a progressive jewelry brand, we are looking to the future of our planet. We are always striving to see how we can do better. We use recycled gold for making our chokers, earrings, bracelets and anklets. Our eco-friendly packaging from recycled paper is handcrafted. As a brand, we do not support fashion overproduction and overconsumption. For this reason, we are mostly focused on producing jewellery pieces which are made in small quantities or to order.

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